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If you need a knowledgeable and experienced San Antonio criminal defense attorney, you are in the right place now! You are always in good hands with Attorney David L. Hancock. Whether you're innocent or guilty, you are entitled to a quality legal defense, and we will treat you as if you are innocent.

Does a Person Deserve a Legal Defense if They are Guilty?

In one word; yes! "But how can you say that a guilty person deserves a defense?" one might ask. "Isn't that trying to game the system?" To understand why even a guilty person deserves a legal defense, you first have to understand how the American Justice system works.

At the outset, let's make it known that Attorney David L. Hancock supports the American justice system, as it is the best justice system on earth. At the same time, it's not perfect. To answer the question of why a guilty person deserves a defense, you have to look at the prosecution.

It is the prosecutor's job to obtain convictions, and there are plenty of examples throughout the US of prosecutors ignoring evidence, apparently caring more about convictions than they do about truth. Prosecutors often overkill or bend over backward to damn a defendant's character to the point of being Satan him/herself. A legal defense is the only way to balance the attack.

What Does a San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Make no mistake about it; our job is to get our clients off the hook. Since the prosecutor is there to destroy our clients' credibility and character, it is our job to advocate for their best interests. From the time a client obtains our services, we go back to the original event that started the case and make sure that law enforcement has done their job correctly and behaved appropriately. If not, we will motion the court to suppress the evidence and dismiss the case.

We also make sure our client's constitutional rights are respected and upheld by the prosecutor. Again, as taboo as it is to speak out about these things, prosecutors don't always operate on the up-and-up. Sometimes, they cut corners, behave unscrupulously, and even break the law. Without a seasoned San Antonio criminal defense attorney in your corner, you're likely to not know your rights or how to defend them.

Will a Criminal Defense Attorney Keep Me Out of Jail?

Sadly, it's not always possible to keep our clients out of jail, especially if they have past criminal records, and even more especially if they've been convicted of a crime that's the same as past crimes they've been convicted of. For example, if a person has been convicted of theft and they're now being convicted of theft again; the judges tend to frown on repeat offenders. After a certain number of convictions, a person runs the risk of being convicted as a habitual offender which carries long minimum sentences.

Still, David L. Hancock will put his more than 25 years to work for you to keep you out of jail or get you the best deal you could imagine.

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