What Is Expunction?

An arrest can stay on your record even if you are not convicted of the crime. Through a Texas expunction, however, you may be able to ask the court to clear your criminal record of all files related to your arrest.

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When Can You Expunge a Criminal Record in Texas?

Expungement/expunction is not available to everyone. Texas expunction law details who can request an expunction, including arrestees who:

  • Have been tried for the offense and acquitted
  • Have been pardoned based on innocence
  • Have been released without conviction (charges were dismissed)
  • Have not had charges filed against them

Prosecutors can also recommend expungement in certain rare circumstances.

What Are the Benefits to Texas Expunction?

You see the question everywhere, especially on job applications and rental applications: “Have you been arrested?” A “yes” answer can cost you a job, an apartment, even a school loan.

Today, you may be required, by law, to answer “yes” to that question, even if you were never convicted of your crime or you have been pardoned. If you get your record expunged, however, Texas law allows you to deny the arrest and answer “no.”

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