Before Hiring A Defense Attorney | What To Know

Facing no criminal charges through your entire life means you are lucky. However, it is important to prevent legal mistakes that may result in unnecessary consequences. This is common with San Antonio drug possession charges. The main reason is that people charged with such crimes fail to acknowledge their rights and it is crucial to remember that whatever evidence is against you, with reference to San Antonio drug possession charges, there is no clear cut way to get free.

Know the Details

Drug charges are taken seriously, yet there are some that don’t have as serious consequences. Possessing less marijuana may lead to a fine such as $200 or $250, but this is regarded as a crime or an offense. So, to show you the range of punishments, it is mandatory to understand the details by speaking with a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer. He will highlight the depth of your case. Knowing the details is a must because in some states it may be a reason to send a person to prison.

Legal penalties do not mean the end of unwanted consequences. This may have an impact on your career. Many employers do not hire people having criminal records and many more straightly avoid people with drug charges. In fact, the seriousness is that the drug charges bar students from receiving higher education financial assistance in some states. This shows that drug possession in some places may ruin your life, not only in the present but also your future.

Recommended Defenses

There is a large number of defenses to prevent drug possession charges. If the police who arrested you failed to adhere to the protocol while seizing drugs, they will not be in a position to use proper evidence against you. Moreover, in case the law enforcement lost the drugs or it belonged to someone else, they cannot use the drugs against you as evidence. This is the best defense where you benefit against unlawful seizures and searches.
Oversights are possible in the lab analysis. This is the place to prove that a substance is actually illegal. However, there may be mistakes similar to how the police may have been mistaken. However, strict the rules, there is a fine line between entrapment and standard operations.

Once affected by drug possession in San Antonio, it becomes necessary to look for San Antonio criminal defense lawyers to assist in processing your case. However, not all the lawyers give quality services, so before hiring, read reviews about the lawyer and see if the lawyer listens to you and works to your benefit.