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The key to defending yourself against a criminal charge is to hire an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney who knows how to put the law on your side and can protect you against overzealous law enforcement and prosecutors.

San Antonio criminal defense attorney Patrick L. Hancock has been providing clients with aggressive, effective defense against a variety of criminal charges for more than 32 years. He believes that success in the courtroom lies in thorough preparation and in developing a defense strategy that is tailored to the facts of each specific case.

Patrick L. Hancock is a highly respected San Antonio criminal defense lawyer who has been selected for inclusion in Texas Super Lawyers since 2007 and in The Best Lawyers in America since 2006. Contact the Law Offices of Patrick L. Hancock for a free and confidential consultation.

Criminal Defense From an Experienced Attorney and Trusted Advocate

The Law Offices of Patrick L. Hancock is dedicated to providing each client with personal, professional service. We have a track record of success in getting acquittals on a number of criminal charges, including:

  • Sex offenses: Sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault of a child, continuous sexual assault, indecency with a child and sex offender registration
  • Internet sex crimes: Internet solicitation of a child and child pornography
  • White collar crimes: Theft and misapplication of a fiduciary duty
  • Drug charges: Drug possession, delivery of a controlled substance, prescription drug possession, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession of heroin, possession of methamphetamine and possession of narcotics
  • Violent crimes: Capital murder, murder, aggravated assault, robbery, domestic violence and assault
  • DWI: DWI, felony DWI, intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault
  • Juvenile crimes: Shoplifting, property crimes, vandalism, sex offenses and drug crimes involving juveniles

While past successes do not guarantee future results, San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Hancock will put the same energy into defending you as he puts into defending each and every one of his clients over the past 32 years.

Post-Trial Representation From a Bexar County Criminal Attorney

The quality representation you receive from Defense Lawyer Patrick L. Hancock does not stop at a verdict or dismissal. If you have already been through the criminal justice system in Texas, he can provide you with continuing representation in a wide range of post-trial matters, including:

  • Motions to revoke probation (MTR)
  • Motions to revoke deferred adjudication
  • Motions for early termination of probation/deferred adjudication
  • Motions for a new trial
  • Applying for an occupational driver's license
  • Expunction (commonly known as expungement, sealing or clearing your criminal record)

Immediate Help From a Greater San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you're under investigation, under arrest, have been charged with a crime or face a post-trial issue, you need a lawyer who is going to relentlessly represent you throughout your ordeal with the criminal justice system.

With more than 32 years of experience in criminal defense and countless accolades from colleagues, Bexar County criminal law attorney Patrick Hancock is the right choice for you.

Contact the Law Offices of Patrick L. Hancock online or call 210-223-8844 for a free, confidential consultation.

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