What Is Pretrial Diversion?

In 2013, Bexar County launched a pretrial diversion program that provides another option for young adults charged with nonviolent crimes.

Through pretrial diversion, a district attorney (D.A.) will be able to choose to remove a case from the criminal justice system and present a separate deal for the rehabilitation of certain alleged offenders. If a defendant does everything required by the pretrial diversion program, the D.A. will dismiss the case entirely.

That means no criminal record and no collateral consequences. In fact, after successful completion of pretrial diversion, a criminal defendant will be able to tell prospective employers that he or she was never charged with a crime.

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What Are the Benefits of Pretrial Diversion?

Young people facing criminal allegations for the first time have much more to worry about than the amount of time they could spend in jail. Among other things, a criminal conviction on a young person’s record could make it difficult for him or her to:

  • Find a job
  • Rent an apartment
  • Apply for student loans and other government benefits
  • Receive college/university scholarships
  • Purchase a firearm
  • Plea down future criminal charges

Pretrial diversion is not an “alternative sentence” — it is a way to take a young, first-time offender out of the criminal justice system entirely. When done successfully, pretrial diversion means no criminal record and none of the above, lifelong consequences.

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