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You’ve been arrested or charged with a crime. You’re scared, overwhelmed and uncertain. You want to stay out of jail and avoid other short-term and long-term consequences. Now what?

You need an experienced San Antonio criminal defense attorney. Even if you haven’t been arrested and are only a suspect, consult a skilled criminal defense lawyer immediately. The right attorney can make all the difference in mounting an effective defense strategy.

Patrick Hancock is a Criminal Defense Attorney that specializes in the defense of any individual charged with criminal conduct or issues involving an arrest, criminal charges, sentencing, or an appeal. When you have been charged with a crime, you need an experienced, aggressive Criminal Law Defense. Patrick Hancock is an expert criminal defense attorney in San Antonio and has been recognized by his peers to be an exceptional criminal defense lawyer. When you need help involving your criminal charges, call San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick L Hancock today!

Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick L. Hancock has more than 32 years of criminal law experience, including 20 years of experience as a San Antonio defense lawyer, defending against charges involving sexual assault, drug charges, white collar crimes, DWI, domestic violence, murder, juvenile crimes and more. Call 210-223-8844 for your free and confidential consultation.

Experienced Criminal Defense in Texas

By choosing the best criminal defense attorney in San Antonio, clients will ensure the best possible outcome against their criminal charges. If you have been charged with a state or federal crime, you want an attorney to provide personalized and prompt assistance against those charges. Facing criminal charges of any type can be a terrorizing prospect unless you have an attorney that you can depend on to conduct a thorough investigation and provide an aggressive defense against those criminal charges.

Focusing Exclusively on Criminal Defense

Our law firm is 100 percent devoted to criminal defense. We place great emphasis on fully preparing ourselves for all stages of every case, including initial questioning, investigative work, plea negotiations, and trial. We offer each client an honest assessment of his or her case and the possible strategic options. We also pride ourselves on giving each client as much consultation time as he or she needs.

We use our broad criminal law experience to vigorously defend each client while staying on the cutting edge of criminal law in Texas.

San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Hancock has the skill and experience that you want when facing a prospect of incarceration or fines. Don’t face criminal charges alone. Call San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Hancock today for a free consultation. It is essential that you present the strongest defense of your rights. Award-winning San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer Patrick Hancock can guide you through the legal process, provide you with a complete understanding of the charges you face, explain your options, and provide the strongest defense against the criminal charges you face.

When you need a Criminal Defense Attorney in San Antonio or you simply want to seek the best available legal advice, call Defense Lawyer Patrick L Hancock for a free and confidential consultation at (210) 223-8844.

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When you’re accused of a crime, a lot is at stake. Contact The Law Firm of Patrick Hancock, today to obtain a skilled, knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Put experience on your side.