What To Do After Being Wrongly Arrested

Alcohol is a depressant, causing slower brain functioning. It distorts the behavior of your brain and the way you drive or walk. It is extremely dangerous, as it puts everyone at risk once you are behind the wheel of a car. Yes, at rare times, a person may be pulled over for wrong reasons, getting accused of drinking and driving. Remember that regardless of whether you are guilty or not, it is a must to be courteous to the law and to follow directions. If you are in San Antonio and are accused of right or wrong reasons, it is recommended to contact a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer so that your case is attended and you have someone by your side.

Reward for Cooperation

Cooperating with law officials is mandatory. Acting poorly or arguing with a police officer may not help your case in front of a judge. In fact, if you are obedient and respectful, your court experience may be more sympathetic throughout the process. However, truth cannot be hidden and you must admit to drinking if you were pulled over for this reason. The officer will do the DWI screening process even if you’ve only had a few drinks. Speaking poorly may get you into more trouble, so maintain silence.

Laws and Penalties

The BAC laws of each state differ and the officer can take you to a sobriety test if found guilty of drinking. Your blood alcohol is taken on consideration of your weight, gender, the number of drinks taken, the time taken and what you ate. However, the plain truth is that even with the first drink, your BAC changes.
The penalties may vary in each state and it may include prison time, court costs, significant fines, loss of driver license, increase in car insurance, rehabilitation or a permanent criminal record. So, it is a must to hire a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer within 15 days of your arrest to make sure that there are no extra infractions.

Advantages of hiring a lawyer

Hiring a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer ensures safety as your defense lawyer will also consider options if the officer who charged you had a reasonable suspicion to stop and arrest and also if the seizure was constitutional. You must hire an experienced defense lawyer in San Antonio so that the verdict outcome is favorable to you.

An experienced San Antonio criminal defense lawyer may be of great assistance to you when convicted. But, ensure your defense lawyer is educated on the current laws of the state. The laws keep changing every year aiming to crack down on drinking and driving. Consider the client referrals and choose the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you so that the experience is less catastrophic.