Intoxication Manslaughter/Assault

San Antonio Intoxication Manslaughter Lawyer

If you have been accused of causing death or serious injury while driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, you can face harsh criminal charges. Allegations of intoxication manslaughter or intoxication assault are serious, requiring an aggressive defense.

DWI Defense Attorney Protecting Your Rights in Texas

At the Law Offices of Patrick L. Hancock, we provide our clients with an aggressive defense against these serious criminal charges. With more than 32 years of experience assisting criminal defendants, Patrick L. Hancock has a long history of delivering results for his clients.

In intoxication manslaughter cases, the state will almost always pursue jail time — even if the defendant is a first-time offender. Be prepared: Contact Patrick L. Hancock , a San Antonio intoxication manslaughter defense lawyer who has received local, state and national recognition .

San Antonio, Texas, Criminal Defense Attorney for Manslaughter

Texas does not treat intoxication manslaughter or intoxication assault charges lightly, and neither should you. The state has the power to impose severe criminal penalties on those convicted: Intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault are both felonies. People who find themselves charged with these crimes must act promptly to build an aggressive defense that will protect their future and their freedom.

Patrick L. Hancock has successfully defended numerous clients charged with a variety of serious crimes. Some of the methods he employs include forensic analysis and forensic reconstruction in preparation for trial and during trial. If a matter requires an expert opinion or interpretation, this office has the resources to find it.

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to Defend You

Since 1988, attorney Patrick L. Hancock has been practicing criminal law in and around the San Antonio area. He spent five years as an Assistant Bexar County district attorney, where he prosecuted a variety of criminal charges, and then moved into private practice as a criminal defense attorney.

When charged with intoxication manslaughter or intoxication assault, you need a lawyer with a track record of success in the courtroom to protect your rights. Contact San Antonio criminal defense attorney Patrick L. Hancock by email or call 210-223-8844 anytime, including nights and weekends, to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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