Possession and Delivery of Cocaine

San Antonio Possession of Cocaine Defense Lawyer

Possession of any amount of cocaine can lead to felony charges in Texas. If you have been arrested for possession of cocaine, you need experienced defense counsel to fight these charges, protect your rights and keep you out of prison.

Bexar County Attorney for Possession with Intent Drug Charges

Whether you have been caught with a large quantity of narcotics or been arrested following a sting, if you have been accused of possession with intent to deliver or drug trafficking, then you need a strong criminal defense. The reality is that prosecutors aggressively pursue these crimes, and will usually seek substantial prison time.

At the Texas law office of Patrick Hancock, we put 30 years of substantial and proven experience behind our clients. We understand the local court systems and we know what to expect from prosecutors and judges that will be involved in your case. Rely on our practical and legal experience for your drug crimes defense.

The Need for Aggressive Defense

When accused of drug possession or trafficking, police officers and prosecutors make your conviction a priority. You need legal counsel on your side that can rise to the challenge. Unlike less aggressively pursued crimes such as misdemeanor drug charges or minor possession charges, there are far fewer alternatives to trial for clients facing possession with intent crimes.

Our firm has years of experience handling complex cases and the complicated issues that are involved in a drug trafficking or possession with intent case. We stand ready to help if you have been arrested for possession with intent to deliver involving:

  • Possession of unusually large quantities of drugs
  • Possession of scales, baggies or drugs split into individual amounts
  • A sting operation
  • Undercover officers
  • Allegations by an informant

With the potential for years of prison time, probation, hefty fines and a permanent criminal record on the line if convicted, it is important to work with someone you trust to handle your case. We are a small law firm, but we offer a lot of experience and a proven reputation. We will take the time to make a difference in your case and aggressively pursue dismissal and the reduction of charges.

Texas Felony Drug Arrest Penalties

With the exception of small amounts of drugs in Penalty Groups 3 & 4, most possession of controlled substance charges are felony offenses. Most felony crimes are divided into 4 levels, (not including capital crimes) and each level has a different range of punishment. The typical felony levels, their range of jail time available, and some examples are:

  • State Jail Felony – 180 days to 2 years in State Jail
    • (possession of substance under 1 gram – Penalty Groups 1 & 2)
  • Third Degree Felony – 2 to 10 years in Prison
    • (possession of substance 1 to 4 grams – Penalty Groups 1 & 2,
    • possession of substance 28 to 200 grams – Penalty Groups 3 & 4)
  • Second Degree Felony – 2 to 20 years in Prison
    • (possession of substance 4 to 200 grams – Penalty Group 1,
    • possession of substance 4 to 400 grams – Penalty Group 2,
    • possession of substance 200 to 400 grams – Penalty Group 3 & 4)
  • First Degree Felony – 5 to 99 years in Prison
    • (possession of substance 200 to 400 grams – Penalty Group 1,
    • possession of substance over 400 grams – Penalty Groups 2, 3, &4)

Protecting Your Rights and Your Future After a Cocaine Possession Arrest

In Texas, cocaine is a Penalty Group 1 drug. Even if you possess less than one gram of cocaine, you face felony charges, including up to two years behind bars and a fine of up to $10,000. The more cocaine in your possession, the greater the penalties.

At the law firm of Patrick L. Hancock, we will work to protect your rights and your future through aggressive criminal defense. Attorney Patrick L. Hancock has in-depth knowledge of police procedure and will thoroughly investigate the circumstances leading to your arrest. If the police violated your constitutional rights or wrongfully searched and seized your property, he will fight to have evidence suppressed and your case dismissed.

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Attorney Patrick L. Hancock provides aggressive criminal defense in the San Antonio area. He has more than 32 years of experience representing clients charged with drug crimes involving cocaine, including possession and delivery charges.

His trial experience, knowledge and client-focused representation have led to many awards, including being selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America, Texas Super Lawyers and S.A. Scene Magazine’s Best Lawyers in San Antonio.

Contact Patrick L. Hancock , a San Antonio possession of cocaine defense attorney, to discuss your defense in a free and confidential consultation . Call 210-223-8844 anytime, day or night.

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If you have been arrested for possession and delivery of cocaine, Patrick L. Hancock can defend you. As a Bexar County cocaine possession defense lawyer, he provides aggressive and focused representation to clients throughout the San Antonio area. Contact Patrick L. Hancock online or call his office at (210) 223-8844.

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