Possession of a Controlled Substance

San Antonio Attorney Defending Charges of Drug Possession with the Intent to Deliver

Possession of a controlled substance can lead to serious drug charges and upon conviction, lasting penalties. You may face fines, jail time, and a damaging criminal record.

When you or someone you love is under investigation or has been charged with a drug crime, it is important to take immediate action to protect your rights. At the law office of Patrick L. Hancock, our San Antonio criminal defense lawyer offers more than 32 years of experience focused on defeating or minimizing charges and reducing penalties in drug crimes cases.

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When Can I Be Charged With Possession of a Controlled Substance?

Controlled substances include street drugs, such as cocaine or crack, marijuana, prescription drugs, and some over the counter drugs containing codeine and amphetamines. Possession of any amount of a controlled substance is grounds for criminal prosecution. It is possible, however, to defend against charges of possession of a controlled substance and drug possession with intent to deliver.

As your defense lawyer, Mr. Hancock will begin an intensive and strategic investigation to uncover evidence supporting your side of the story. He will review police documentation, consult with witnesses, and seek to suppress any evidence illegally obtained against you.

We are experienced in drug possession cases involving:

  • Drug possession/intent to deliver, including possession of marijuana, meth, cocaine and heroin
  • Narcotics manufacturing, including meth manufacturing and marijuana grow houses
  • Drug trafficking

Defenses to Texas Drug Possession Charges

Any good criminal defense lawyer will pursue every opportunity for your defense. You may have been in possession of a drug, but without intent to deliver. You may have had a prescription or the right to possess a certain drug. You may have been illegally searched without proper cause or warrant.

As your attorney, Mr. Hancock knows how to aggressively defend drug crimes cases involving possession of a controlled substance. He will investigate every element of your case including:

  • Are the drugs what the law enforcement officials actually say they are?
  • Do the charges match the facts (i.e. amounts in possession, drugs in possession)?
  • Were your rights violated in the search and seizure process?
  • Was there probable cause to stop you on the street, stop your car or search your property?
  • Is there evidence to support an intent to deliver?

All of these questions will become extremely important through the investigation and in trial.

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