San Antonio Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Facing criminal charges for aggravated assault can mean serious penalties, including fines and extended jail terms. Any crime involving a weapon will automatically carry a higher penalty, even if only used as a threat.

At the Law Offices of Patrick L. Hancock, we offer aggressive and experienced advocacy focused on protecting your rights in any case involving aggravated assault. If you are under investigation or were recently arrested with a gun, knife, or other weapon, secure legal help as soon as possible.

Call 210-223-8844 or contact our office by email for a free consultation. Patrick L. Hancock is an accomplished trial attorney who has frequently been selected for inclusion in publications such as The Best Lawyers in America (2006-2014) and Texas Super Lawyers (2007+). He is also a member of The National Trial Lawyers, an exclusive organization of experienced trial attorneys.

Strategic Investigations by a Texas Super Lawyer

Cases of aggravated assault are highly contextual and demand an intensive investigation of the facts. When you are facing violent crime charges, you can expect that law enforcement officials already have significant evidence they will want to use against you.

As your attorney, Patrick L. Hancock, will initiate an investigation on your behalf, contact witnesses, review police records and hire experts where necessary to defend your rights. He will also scrutinize any evidence presented by the prosecution that seems unlawfully obtained or in violation of your Constitutional rights.

Attorney Patrick L. Hancock handles aggravated assault cases involving:

Protecting Your Rights: A Trusted Trial Attorney and Advocate

The consequences of an aggravated assault charge could affect your personal life, personal freedoms, and can result in an extended prison term. When faced with the overwhelming possibilities of a conviction, it is important to work with an experienced attorney who can protect your rights.

Attorney Patrick L. Hancock knows how to investigate crimes, interrogate witnesses and alleged victims, and put your best defense forth. He will consider defense options, including self-defense, defense of a third party, mistaken identity or lack of intent.

If you have been arrested, charged or investigated for aggravated assault, turn to an attorney with a proven record of success. Call Patrick L. Hancock at his San Antonio, Texas, law offices: 210-223-8844. You can also contact him online.

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